Why Do Men Need to Reduce Belly Fat for Better Erectile Health?

Why Do Men Need to Reduce Belly Fat for Better Erectile Health?

Why Do Men Need to Reduce Belly Fat for Better Erectile Health?

Visceral fat i.e. the fat accommodated around the stomach has several health risks. It has the potential of putting males to chronic health diseases. Usually seen in middle-aged males, belly fat is creating health troubles for a lot of males. If you don’t want to be the one belonging to the frustrated crowd then you need to read this blog.

Whether it is belly fat or an overweight body, such unhealthy habits are not going to do any good to you. Especially in males, belly fat is often assumed as one of the reasons for causing erectile dysfunction (ED). Though impotence or ED is caused by many reasons, belly fat could be the one not allowing you to get and keep stronger erections.

Oral medicines like Fildena 100Cenforce 150mgSuhagra 25Vidalista 5mg, etc are available for treating ED on the go. But, what if you aren’t satisfied with your body? If you’re having excess fat on the stomach, you may feel performance anxiety too. On the whole, the situation seems quite problematic. Let’s discuss why you need to reduce belly fat if you seek better erectile health.

Belly Fat Disrupts the Normal Hormonal Balance

Many men look up to belly fat as an extra layer of fat on their stomachs. But, it is beyond this. The excess fat known as visceral fat brings stress to the abdominal region. Additionally, it imposes weight on the organs like the liver and pancreas. If not cared about, it gets deeply stored.

Visceral fat is worse than the fat stored in any other part of your body. In other words, belly fat is responsible for leveraging a man’s health to risk certain chronic diseases.

How Do You Know If Your Belly Fat Is Visceral Fat?

Clarifying this further, you can coin out if you’re having visceral fat or not in no time. Place the measuring tape around the largest diameter of your belly. You can measure around the area where you wear your belt for accurate measure. If your waist circumference goes beyond 40 inches then it’s visceral fat. You must consider it as action time.

Other Health Risks

Having belly fat is like carrying a lot of health issues along. It can create major health havoc which includes risky health impacts like:

  • Poor Heart Health
  • Diabetes
  • Erectile Dysfunction/Male Impotence

How to Reduce Belly Fat?

Just learning that you have visceral fat isn’t enough. You should get into action to ensure that you don’t live with excess belly fat anymore. Here are a few suggestions that’ll help you reduce belly fat.

Meanwhile, also bear this thought in your mind that belly fat will not go overnight. It might have taken years for your body to accumulate this fat & so it will be a time-consuming matter to lose the same. So, be patient & trust the process.

  1. Have nutritious meals only
  2. Don’t diet. Watch your portion size instead
  3. Keep sugary beverages low
  4. Limit alcohol consumption
  5. Make sure to have 30gm fiber regularly
  6. Exercise regularly


If you’re having belly fat issues and facing erectile dysfunction (i.e. softer erection problems) then don’t worry. You may consult your doctor and start your ED treatment with oral medications like Vidalista Black 80mg. In some cases, men have been prescribed starter doses like Vidalista 2.5mg too. As you start using impotence pills, you’ll be able to gain & maintain stronger erections for up to 5 hours.

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