How Common Erectile Dysfunction Is In Your 20s?

How Common Erectile Dysfunction Is In Your 20s?

How Common Erectile Dysfunction Is In Your 20s?

Erectile Dysfunction in your 20s is quite common and it is not as rare as men assume. Today, statistics show that erectile dysfunction in younger men is on the rise.

Research from two decades in the past found out that at best only 2% of men below the age of forty suffered from erectile disorder. Compares to current studies, the rate of young men having ED has reached 40%. So if you are young and experiencing the erectile disorder, these stats will prove to you that you are not alone.

Signs of Erectile Disorder in Your 20s

Whether you are in your 20s or 120s, if you have an erectile disorder, the signs stay quite tons the same. Some ordinary symptoms and symptoms of erectile disorder are:

  • Not being capable of getting an erection
  • if erections put on off all through intercourse
  • Erections are not as difficult as you would like

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in the ’20s

Physical, mental, and way of life are important factors that play an important role in causing erection problems. Other factors can also make erectile dysfunction more likely. Most of the causes of erectile dysfunction in your 20s generally tend to rise from mental troubles or lifestyle problems. Physical risk factors of ED are more possible in men above the age of 40.

Regardless of your age, it is a good choice to visit your doctor to find any underlying physical conditions causing your ED. You may be suffering from ED due to smoking, not staying active, medical conditions, or due to psychological problems.

Treating Physical Erectile Dysfunction in Your 20’s

If you have physical issues that are causing you erectile dysfunction, your doctor will inform you what to do. He can recommend you the following treatment plans.

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