Are Women Really Into Size?

Are Women Really Into Size?

Are Women Really Into Size?

Men love their penises without a doubt, but this love affair is a bit illogical. The key to understanding how men interact with their penises and how they interact with other people through their penises.

In its most primal form, men seem to want to share their penis with the world, which may be due to a search for approval. Whatever the motivation, culture, in general, has encouraged men to engage in this deception.

When you ask a guy asks what your partner thinks about your penis, the most common answer is “she like it”. Things get more complicated when you ask guys how much your partner thinks about your penis. This question makes men hesitant to answer as they do not know how much a girl thinks about penises.

When you ask guys how much they focus on their partner’s vagina. The most common reaction is that they laugh and admit that it’s not even part of the equation. So when it comes to sex, why have men been told to lead with their penises instead of their hearts?

Some men use their penis as a tool to communicate erotic energy with their partners but not all of them. It has been fitted into our brains that the bigger the penis the happier your partner is. Every man knows that the penis is not the best medium to express how he feels about his partner, however, a man wants to satisfy their partner the best they can. They may take premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction pills like Super Fildena and Super Vidalista to achieve the desired size and satisfy their partner.

Though these pills can be helpful to achieve sexual satisfaction you should know the role of other body parts that are much more expressive. Men should know that the penis is not the star of the show. Lips, tongues, teeth, fingers, skin, and even hair are at the forefront of foreplay. Understanding your partner and arousal through tough will significantly help make sex better.

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